Seattle, Here I Come!

This isn’t gaming related and I normally have no desire to post something personal on this blog, but I figured it couldn’t hurt since I haven’t written anything in awhile. Long story short: A week from today, I’ll be stepping onto a plane with a one-way ticket to Seattle, Washington. (And if you’re not interested in anything beyond that, feel free to stop reading now!)

My original idea was to move to California after graduating college, which was postponed due to the fact that I couldn’t afford it. “That’s okay, I’ll work for a year!” is what I said, but at the end of that particular time frame, I still didn’t have enough. Fortune smiled upon me, however, in the form of a good college buddy mentioning that she was moving to Seattle after she graduated (she was a year behind me), and after doing a bit of research, I was thrilled to learn about all of the gaming companies, both major and indie, situated there.

So this is it. This is my big chance to run out into the Real World, impress someone with my resume, and land a job in the industry I’ve been working to get into since I was seven years old. I’m sure it won’t be easy — it wouldn’t be fun if it was! — and I know I’m going to fail a lot. Kind of like how my previous visual novel concepts that I tried to pull together this summer ultimately failed. But regardless of those unsuccessful attempts, I learned a lot, and I am very excited to learn from what lies ahead!


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