An Endless Stream Of Errors?

I love Final Fantasy XIV: A Ream Reborn. I really, really do. But unfortunately, due to a slew of overpopulated servers and generally bad planning on the dev team’s part, the North American/European servers have had several periods of maintenance trying to fix issues with the game that have still not been fixed. We’re not sure when this will be fixed, but many of the players are very upset with how things turned out, especially considering how people paid extra / bought the Collector’s Edition for early access to the game (beginning to play on August 24th instead of the release date, which is August 27th).

I’m frustrated too, of course. But I’m also an aspiring game designer who puts herself in the dev team’s shoes. I’m not mad at the team, I just want them to solve the problem as soon as possible for their sake. Final Fantasy XIV originally came out in 2010 I believe, and the game itself was just so horribly implemented that they actually apologized, took it back into development, and brought it out a new two years later. Up until these server errors that have plagued us for 1.5 days, the game ran relatively smoothly in its beta phases and people were very happy. Now, however, the current errors are making it near impossible for players to progress through their main storyline and class quests. And this is certainly a problem.

But the overreacting is not the proper way to respond to such a thing. Below is a blog I posted on the Final Fantasy XIV official website in my personal profile section. I’m quite proud of it:

I’m not mad about this whole error thing, but I understand why people are. They have every right to be, seeing as how many people paid extra for the sole purpose of getting early access, which has has been beta-level of buggy for a lot of people. I totally understand the reasons behind the rage.

But I’m also an aspiring game designer, and I’ve also messed with programming, and I also understand how fixing one problem almost ALWAYS breaks ten other things.

Also, the issue (from what I understand) happens when there’s too many people accessing x at once. If that’s the case, the dev team can’t POSSIBLY fix that when it’s just the dev team doing maintenance because there aren’t a million dev team people hitting the same button at the same time to break the system.

It is definitely oversight on their part; they should have broken up the servers a bit more, especially the European areas. Then again, that’s just an idea from someone who DOESN’T have knowledge of how the system works, so I could be totally off and that isn’t the problem.  I’ve also heard it’s the DATA servers that are the problem, not the overpopulation in servers. If that’s the case, cool, but add more population servers anyway because oh my god Tuesday is going to be WORSEEEE.

On the other hand, this is most likely going to be the case for the first two weeks, or month tops. Then when people aren’t I ONLY GET TO PLAY FOR X HOURS ON X DAYS, they’ll sign for fewer hours (I assume). I certainly won’t be getting on every day once the weekday rolls around because I have work, and any kids playing still have school.

So maybe THAT’s why they’re not opening new servers up? That would make sense in my head, and if it were me, I’d be announcing that to give people a reason. But maybe they don’t want to because they know that no matter what they say, people are going to be angry. And rightly so!

But players need to understand too: They’re not your slaves. These workers on these teams are not only panicking about losing their job, they have families to go home to and lives to live. And that’s okay. People in the game going, “OH THE DEV TEAM WILL FIX THIS AFTER THEIR SMOKE BREAK” like assholes need to chill out. Because you know what? Yes! They probably are!

If you cannot handle this and hate Square Enix, the best way to make your voice heard isn’t to cuss and swear and scream. It’s to cancel your subscription, return your game, and go play something else. And you know what? When you do that, the servers will probably free up more, so everybody wins!

But people won’t do that. They’ll sit there and call the game shit while leveling in absolute frustration, cursing the developers, complaining and THREATENING to leave the game, but not. Not really. Because no matter what bugs come up, you WANT to play it. And if you don’t? Cancel your account. That’s the best way to hurt them: Rally your fellow angry players together and just stop playing. Get your money back. Don’t buy a Square Enix game ever again!

Square could have left FFXIV the way it was, but instead they took it all back and listened to our feedback and remade it into a better game. It isn’t perfect, nothing will ever be perfect, but this is a team that genuinely cares about its players. They’re trying. They’re working. Don’t belittle them because your life is over if you can’t get X, Y, and Z done in a virtual game. Especially since prior to this most of these players whining about it were probably singing praises for everything!

That being said, I do believe all the EA players should be compensated. Obviously they won’t push the release date back for further early access, but I’m sure they can do something. Make an item that gives us an edge, increase our XP bonuses by a certain percentage, hell I’d be happy if they gave us a cosmetic item that said I SURVIVED 90k or something silly like that. Hell, give everyone a house in their neighborhood of choice! I think that’d be great.

In conclusion — the fiasco is the developers’ faults. But players need to stop demonizing them for it. It’s not intentional (people who say it’s a conspiracy to help the JP server players get 50 first can jump off a bridge, please and thank you) and they are doing their best. Square Enix is doing something new, and I don’t believe a system like Duty Finder exists in any other MMO so yes, it’s DEFINITELY going to break. As for the server populations, I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

And if you don’t like it, quit the game. Please. Nobody wants to hear you whine and cry like you’re the only one affected by the problem.

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