September 19, 2021
3 Content Strategy Tips For Social Media

Sometimes trying to come up with original content to share is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone. It’s not the client’s fault, of course. They simply don’t have enough original content to go around, and unless you have a whole team dedicated to such a task, you rarely ever will (outside of those occasional cases of huge company events or news). So what is a social media manager to do? How can you meet the quota of posting x number of days a week without desperately scraping the bottom of the metaphorical barrel? Here are some tips I’ve come across that can help ease the burden:

#1: Decrease The Frequency
This idea will probably be rejected by your client outright, but if you frame it right and have a strong relationship with your client, you may be able to make them see reason. The key to this is to pitch quality over quantity. You want to share content that encourages followers to click the links, read the articles, watch the videos, buy products or services, etc. If you’re not getting any engagement, you might as well have not posted at all!

#2: Recycle The Good Stuff
So long as the content in question is still relevant (I recommend posted in the past six months), no one is going to call you out for re-sharing an article you posted a month ago. Chances are, not all of your followers — especially on the speedy-scrolling Twitter — saw the post the first time it was shared. Just be sure to change up the copy and maybe add a different visual to it this time, otherwise it’ll just come off as lazy!

#3: Break It Into Tiny Pieces
Huge blog posts can be broken down into smaller ones and made into a ‘series’, making each one easier to consume and ensuring you some returning traffic from those who want to read it in its entirety. In other words: Sure, you can scarf down the giant chocolate bar all in one shot — but you’d get more out of it for a longer period of time if you ate a smaller piece every day for one week!

Remember to include your client on all of the above if you plan on using any of these tips. You never want to spring new content marketing strategies on them without explaining the logic behind these decisions.  And even then, sometimes clients just say no. If that’s the case, don’t give up! Work with what you’ve got, and maybe they’ll come around with time.

Parting question: Do you know any more tips on creating original content out of thin air? Share them below!

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