September 19, 2021
Broadcasting vs. Engaging Online

‘This is my social media channel! My social marketing campaign is all going to be about me!’ On personal accounts, that’s exactly what’s expected when someone becomes your friend on Facebook or follows your Twitter. But do companies really want to have the same state of mind? The answer is no.

Broadcasting On Social Media

A broadcaster in social media does exactly that: they post about what’s going on at their company. That’s it. Whenever there’s an event or a product on sale or an article about them or content on their website, posts go out on all their social channels keeping their followers up-to-date on what’s new.

And I won’t lie, sometimes this is all companies need. If your customer base is loyal enough, they’ll follow and comment and share everything you post just because they like you that much. Or because they really want to know when you’re having that next big sale! Either way, there are plenty of companies who do just fine as broadcasters.

The only problem is that they’re completely missing the point of social media.

Engaging On Social Media

A business that engages their followers participates in and creates conversations with their customers, partners, and other influential accounts of interest. This goes beyond responding to comments, mind you ‘“ it’s all about different ways to interact.

Sure, respond to comments! That’s the first step. But A+ engagement means sharing others’ content on your page, reaching out to individuals with significant social presence who could become advocates for your brand, running contests to reward your followers, participating in online events such as Twitter parties, and so much more.

But you can’t cater to your audience the whole time, either.  At the end of the day, you’re still a business.

Balancing It Out

Like the iconic symbol Yin and Yang, the key to mastering your social media presence is balance. Just because somebody Likes your Facebook page or follows your Twitter account does not mean that they’ll see your posts or visit your page every day.

Even I’m guilty of this: I have tons of companies I’ve Liked on Facebook that I completely forgot about because I chose to ignore them in my news feed! And how in the world could I keep up with my favorite brands’ tweets when I’m following 200+ people on Twitter? It isn’t easy to stand out.

But it’s not impossible, either.

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