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That One Meme From China – Part 1

(I promise the title of this blog will make sense at the end.) It’s so easy to get caught up in what a blog should be: frequent content, SEO-friendly pages, topics that’ll draw readership in, et cetera. For someone like me, who’s been working in marketing for (oh my god) five years now, it’s even harder not

Entering The Dancing Sword: An Excerpt

Don’t judge me too hard. I was going through my old files and I found an excerpt from my attempt at turning my friends’ college Dungeons & Dragons campaign into a novel and I wanted to save it here. I really miss that campaign. (And yes the song is to the tune of Party Rock Anthem because

Until Dawn: In The Defense Of Emily

There’s always that one character that was created solely to be loathed by the player. Usually, they’re some sort of unforgivable villain — other times, they’re just a bitch. In Until Dawn, the character Emily is a version of the latter. Everyone who I’ve seen play the game says at least once how much they