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10 Best Practices for Gyms On Social Media

It’s 2016. 76% of all regular exercisers are of the millennial generation, and 33% of millennials identify social media as one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. In other words, gyms and fitness facilities need to up their social media game if they want to catch the attention of this tech-savvy generation. Here

LinkedIn Profile Bootcamp: 5 Improvements In 60 Minutes

LinkedIn has transformed itself over the past couple of years. It’s not just the place you haphazardly toss your resume up onto when you’re looking for a new job, nor is it the professional equivalent of Facebook. You definitely can and should use LinkedIn for that nowadays, yes, but the real focus is on social selling: promoting

Improve Your Twitter Presence Exponentially For Free

There are a lot of businesses active on Twitter out there, which can be pretty cool … and cringe-worthy. You have no idea how many times I see company and even CEO accounts that just don’t do a very good job of being online, even if they are frequently active. But I understand! I get that not