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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (With Errors!)

I love Final Fantasy XIV: A Ream Reborn. I really, really do. But unfortunately, due to a slew of overpopulated servers and generally bad planning on the dev team’s part, the North American/European servers have had several periods of maintenance trying to fix issues with the game that have still not been fixed. We’re not sure

Final Fantasy XIV: Thoughts On The Beta

I was very pleased on Friday morning to receive an email stating that I had been accepted into Phase 3 of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMORPG beta. After putting in my code and downloading the client, I started it up for the first time and was greeted with a beautiful cutscene explaining

Yet Another MMORPG: My Experience With Guild Wars 2

In Guilds Wars 2, I am not Alanna. I am a citizen of Kryta, the last Human Kingdom in Tyria. I was raised among nobility with my elder sister, Deborah, who unfortunately was lost when a band of centaurs ambushed her patrol. As a child, I was said to blessed by the goddess of beauty and illusion,