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Until Dawn

Until Dawn has been on my watch list for awhile, so I was really excited when it was released last week. Now keep in mind that since I don’t possess a PS4, I had a very passive experience with it as I watched voiceless playthroughs to get my fill of the delectable horror game. Despite

Five Nights That Never End: Thoughts On FNAF

Horror games and I do not mix well. If it’s a good enough game that I actually play it, I often get so immersed into the game that I have to put the controller down to prevent having a panic attack. (Seriously. I was flying through Half-Life 2 in college up until that damn Ravenholm

What’s So Magical About Bravely Default: Flying Fairy?

Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (or “Flying Fairy” in Japan) for the Nintendo 3DS is a throwback to the original Final Fantasy, originally meant as a spiritual successor to the original tale from long ago. It contains all the familiar lore of a classic Final Fantasy game: the medieval fantasy setting, the classes and