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10 Best Practices for Gyms On Social Media

It’s 2016. 76% of all regular exercisers are of the millennial generation, and 33% of millennials identify social media as one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. In other words, gyms and fitness facilities need to up their social media game if they want to catch the attention of this tech-savvy generation. Here

Fear Kills Innovation

There is a lot of fear in the world nowadays. Not just due to global events or certain political figures, but because of Society in general. People are afraid to be themselves or to speak their minds out of fear of backlash from Society: Youths warned not to express themselves for fear that their peers

Pokemon Go Marketing For Local Businesses

Video games and marketing have an interesting history. From major wins like the Robin Williams Zelda commercial to the not-quite-thought-out staged protests against Dante’s Inferno, marketing related to video games tends to get big fast if done right. Still, these campaigns were focused on directly funneling attention towards the game itself. When it comes to Pokemon