Game Design

Game design and interactive storytelling have always been my passion. Below you’ll find a variety of past projects, both complete and incomplete, with demos and/or documentation attached to show the creative process. I have worked in Ren’py, Unity 3D, and flash.

Game Design Document (Incomplete) | Playable Demo

To play the demo, extract the zip file and open the .exe.
The game ends after having tea with Miyu.


CLICK [Capturing Love I Can Keep] was a visual novel project built in the Ren’Py Visual Novel engine. I collected a group of talented individuals via DeviantArt  — there were five of us in all.  CLICK! that took place in a modern world with fantastic elements, pulling creatures of lore straight out of their various mythologies and dumping them in 2013 like it’s no big deal. The story followed the protagonist, a human from a small town struggling to adjust to life in the big city full of anthropomorphic monsters. The unfinished game demo will automatically end in Chapter 2 shortly after you have tea with Miyu.

Position: Project Lead, Programmer
Other Notes: This game has been discontinued due to several team members dropping out before production was complete.


When Aubrey Hill discovers that his sister Filomena has unknowingly made a deal with a demon known as the Storyteller, he has no choice but to carry out the monster’s bidding in order to save her life. At the Storyteller’s request, Aubrey enters a world that Filomena created herself: a fairytale-inspired world called Solus, which was recently ravaged by a cataclysm known as The Burning —  an event that he himself had unknowingly brought about.

Armed with only a book to show him the way, Aubrey must aid the ailing Characters that have survived the Burning and bring their stories to a close. Unfortunately, this twisted reality guarantees that very few can have a happy ending.

Arcanus is an adventure/puzzle game originally planned built in the Ren’Py Engine. Its linear plot will be balanced out by frequent puzzle mini-games and the ability to influence the game’s ending through the player’s choices. Six different endings are planned. This game is forever a slow work in progress.

The Boing-Boing Builder

The Boing-Boing Builder was a create-a-creature educational game for my Spring 2012 Internship at E2i Creative Studio. This game featured Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat, the main character of the popular children’s book series of the same name. The Boing-Boing books revolve around the story of Daniel and his adventures with Boing-Boing while teaching kids (the demographic is roughly 8 – 13-year-old boys and girls) science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and robotics. Although we only created a rough prototype, players would eventually be able to customize their own Bionic Cat via different parts (i.e. wheels for feet, a propeller tail) and then load it into a virtual environment for them to explore. The prototype was created in the Unity 3D Engine.

Position: Project Manager, Producer, Video Editor
Teammates: Kira Sutherland, Tracy Adams, Brian Kortbus, Patrick Brown, Ed McCreary

Shards Of Omnia

Shards Of Omnia is a tabletop RPG inspired by the Magical Girl genre, a storytelling style most commonly found in Japanese animation and graphic novels. Popular examples of the Magical Genre include Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Pretty Cure.

It is designed to be a relatively casual system with lots of opportunities for customization and role-playing, taking concepts from systems such as Dungeon World, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, and a more prominent Magical-Girl-Inspired RPG called Magic Burst.

Unfortunately, my progress has been very on-and-off since I started it in 2012.

Champion Of Dreams

Champion Of Dreams is a casual game for the Kinect aimed at young children using Disney IP. This game design document was the assignment I sent in with my application to the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy — and I was accepted!

[[Oddly enough, the Disneyland Kinect game showed up on shelves not long after — not the same idea, but it shows that my concept was popular enough to become a reality.]]


Programageddon was a first-person shooter for my Spring 2012 Game Design Workshop class. Programageddon’s story revolves around a programmer who gets so fed up with the bugs in his project that he downloads himself into his computer to get rid of the errors more personally. Two important factors in its concept included paying homage to the classic first-person shooters of the 90′s (Doom, Quake, etc.) and thoroughly embedding the “programmer” theme into the game’s enemies, weapons, and even dialogue. It was created in the Unity 3D Engine.

Position: Project Manager, Art Support
Teammates: William Corbett, Brady Cox, Evin Ershock, and music provided by DynaBlades

Game Design Document | Playable Demo
The playable demo is a .swf flash file, please drag into your browser to play.


Entropy was a casual flash game that focuses on a little robot platypus’s mission to generate enough energy to escape his research facility created for my Spring 2012 Game Production class. Entropy contained both platformer and puzzle-solving elements that focus on a theme of various types of energy. In the first level demo, Entropy (that’s the platypus’s name) had to manipulate objects by charging up a solar panel and turning on wind power turbines. This game won “Most Creative Story” at the 2012 Digital Media Undergraduate Showcase. You can play Entropy by downloading the SWF file from the link below and opening it in your browser!


Position: Project Manager, Storyboard Director, Video Editor
Teammates: Kira Sutherland, Wendi Kirker, Patrick Brown, Ryan Moczynski

Paint my Dream

Paint My Dream was a casual flash game with a comedic narrative about how the player has forgotten to study for his/her art history midterm, and falls asleep while cramming the night before. If the player wants to have any hope of passing the test in the morning, s/he must complete the game as quickly as possible. This game concept was created for my Fall 2011 Game Design class. The final game was intended for iPhones and Androids with extra levels that could be downloaded for $0.99.

Position: Producer/Project Manager
Teammates: Zachary Moore, Tamra Pristou-Globokar, Frank Fitzgerald


Minotaur was a board game that utilizes a unique maze layout that provided an exciting and fun experience while players attempt to escape the fabled Labyrinth of Crete. This board game was created for my Fall 2011 Game Design class. It is the first non-digital game I have ever worked on.

Position: Producer/Project Manager
Teammates: Zachary Moore, Tamra Pristou-Globokar, Frank Fitzgerald

Kiosk 10

Kiosk 10 was one of the educational kiosks created for the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kiosk 10 in particular focused on the life cycle and importance of tree islands in the Florida Everglades. Players are shown a tree island simulated in real time and are given the ability to raise and lower the water levels and observe what happens as a result. I worked on this project for my Summer 2011 Internship at E2i Creative Studio.

Position: Producer/Project Manager
Teammates: Bennett Stavely, Nick Hernandez

Game Design Document | Playable Demo [MediaFire Zip]


ODDyssey was the very first digital game I ever worked on! It was created during my first internship at E2i Creative Studio during my Spring 2011 semester. ODDyssey is a third-person hack and slash game created with the goal of exploring what the Unity 3D Engine could do, so we also added a little soccer mini game and an easter egg that required players to conquer a little platforming obstacle.

Position: Producer / Project Manager
Teammates: Phillip Dunbar, Mark Gorion, David Schiff