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Thoughts On: Man Of Medan

Supermassive Games found solid success with their 2015 survival horror game, Until Dawn, which I’ve previously written about here and here. As a fan of the game myself, I was excited to hear that the devs were planning to continue what they had going by cobbling together a series of standalone horror games called the

If I Designed It: Yandere Simulator

A while back I attempted to start a blog  series called ‘If I Designed It’, which outlined my ideas and concepts for video games based on pre-existing franchises. Up until recently, I haven’t been inspired enough to sit down and write another installment. This week, however, I stumbled upon several ‘warning’ videos revolving around an

That One Meme From China – Part 1

(I promise the title of this blog will make sense at the end.) It’s so easy to get caught up in what a blog should be: frequent content, SEO-friendly pages, topics that’ll draw readership in, et cetera. For someone like me, who’s been working in marketing for (oh my god) five years now, it’s even harder not