Audio & Visual

My creative pastimes also include video editing and directing, as seen in my Audio & Visual projects shared below.


  • Nissa — Niki Brogen
  • Matthew — Robbie McGirr
  • Joan — Cayla Martin
  • Kim — Youna Xu
  • Camille — Stephanie Gooch
  • Chad — Micah Shenk
  • April — Tiffany Avery
  • Daniel — Stan Kuschick
  • Ezekiel — Michael Yee
  • Mrs. Marigold — Jeena Frego
  • Young Man, Waiter — Aaron Prince-Stehley
  • Lawrence (Dead Man) — Jeffrey Hays
  • Cafe Waitress, Ticket Booth Girl — Meghan Hartnett
  • Herschel — Kyle Richardson

My Job Is Hell

My Job Is Hell was a supernatural radio drama set to debut in the summer of 2014. Our story revolves around Nissa Reed, a young woman who finds her life stuck in a rut. Still strung out over her recent breakup and barely scraping by with a crappy cashier job, the story begins with her sitting in a local cafe when a well-dressed gentleman approaches her.

The man, introducing himself as Matthew Adams, explains quite calmly that he is the Devil, and that he has chosen her to become his successor. Although skeptical of pretty much everything he says, Nissa quickly discovers that this handsome man is not just a crazy guy in a three-piece suit — and the afterlife is definitely not what she expected it to be!

Unfortunately, due to the actors’ obligations, only one episode of MJIH was completed. 

Project Objection

Project Objection was a fan-dub of the first level of the Ace Attorney series for the Nintendo DS. As the director, I oversaw the editing, auditions, and overall production of the entire project. Casting and auditions began in December 2012 and the entire project was complete by February 2013! It was an excellent project and I wish we could have completed more episodes!

Project Objection

iCreate was one of the most enlightening projects I have had the pleasure to work on. Our task was to design a prototype for an environment that could be used by a physical therapist to determine the recovery speed of a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor.

This environment turned into a video that would require the TBI Survivor to remember the directions given to them, and make choices of which path to take when the video paused. TBI Survivors would have to correctly navigate the path while encountering the sights and sounds of a busy college campus. The length of time it takes to complete the task over a course of repeated attempts would help his or her therapist determine and prove their rate of recovery. I worked on this project for my final spring semester at the University of Central Florida.

Position: Producer/Project Manager/Graphic Designer
Teammates:   Tamra Pristou-Globokar, Aaron Giodano-Barry, Adam Boerema, Chelsea Coats, Jessica Sorkin, Alejandro Ruiz

Other Notes: A big challenge in this project was figuring out the concept and what could genuinely help TBI survivors in the long-term. We were able to determine what we needed by meeting with several TBI survivors in person in order to learn more about their condition and how it affects people differently.

Project Objection

This is a video project I did for my “Latin American Culture” class in Summer 2011, in which I tied in my love for video games. I’m very proud of how it turned out! I apologize if I mispronounced any of the words.