Photo Courtesy Of Grey Area Photography.

Hi! I’m Alanna and I haven’t updated this bio since like 2012 so I should probably get to doing that today (Sept 2017). Please don’t pay too much attention to the majestic photography, I am not nearly as epic as that photograph makes me seem. That’s the perks of having a pro photographer for a best friend!

— Anyway. Life is weird, right? Since I was seven years old, my passion for interactive storytelling — and video games — has been my motivation for just about everything. I attended the University of Central Florida with the full intent of applying for the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. Four years later I applied and got in! But at that point in my life I felt burnt out by school. So, after a year of debating it (and they were so nice as to half tuition and extend my acceptance for a whole year!) I politely declined their offer and tried to figure out what was next. It was a hard decision to make, but I knew that if I dove head-first into another intensive 18-month course I’d never want to do game design again. So I let it go.

Instead, I turned my sights on Los Angeles — and by that, I mean Seattle, because LA was way too expensive for me at the time. A classmate was moving there to be closer to her sister and I jokingly asked if she needed a roommate, but that ended up being the case. So I worked for a year as a babysitter and then as a substitute elementary school teacher in order to scrape up $4000 and move there. We settled in Lynnwood and I started job hunting frantically.

Two weeks into a retail job at the Disney Store, I head a depressive spiral that encouraged me to apply to jobs even on Craigslist. At one point I found someone looking for assistance with social community management for an independent marketing studio and I applied, essentially spinning my sad tale of I’ll work my ass off if I get the chance. That person turned out to be Jason Yormark, my present-day marketing mentor, who hired me not long after and taught me everything I needed to know for a solid foundation in where I am today.

Since then, despite never studying marketing in my life, I’ve worked with a variety of brands in many different locations: independent marketing studio (Studio 9), major marketing agency (Projectline/Yesler), and as an in-house marketing team (SportsArt). My clients have ranged from local restaurants to Crunch Pak Apples to major corporations like Microsoft. I’ve worked with Google Analytics, paid campaigns, social selling with LinkedIn, social media content creation and strategy, community contests, tradeshow events, and probably a thousand more things I’m forgetting.

In my spare time I embrace a lot of standard nerdy trends of the Average Millennial™: spending many hours on Tumblr, getting all my news from Trending Tags, attempting to play pool passably, modeling for my bestie’s photography portfolio, taking selfies for Instagram, and having an unhealthy obsession with musicals, Disney, and crime dramas. Reach out if you’d like to chat about my work, my projects, or need a list of links to the weird side of YouTube.

My greatest accomplishment.